Rahu Graha Shanti Pooja


Rahu is considered to be a shadow planet and controls the emotions, excitements, alertness, intelligence, destination, psychology and materialism etc. It is believed that, when Rahu Graha is wrongly placed, it can create lots of misunderstanding, separations in family, negative thoughts, depressive thinking and other health issues. Its impact is deep and powerful. Therefore, in such a condition, performing Rahu Graha Shanti Jaap with the help of an experienced priest by chanting 18000 mantras of Rahu helps in getting the relief from all such issues, victory over enemies and get rid of the malefic effects. Pooja is followed with Hawan ritual wherein, Ghee and other sacred material related to Lord Rahu are offered to Agni to minimize the bad effects and maximize the benefits.

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