Opal is one of the most unique ,promising gemstones ruled by the planet “Venus” and one of the most famous gemstones of all the times. Opal represents almost all colorful and rainbow-like shine of all the colors of the white light making it one of the highly and beneficial gemstones of all times.

This divine and almost illusory magical aura of Opal comes from its unique hydrated amorphous form of silica due to which it is classified as mineraloid crystalline forms of silica. It belongs to the Amorphous crystal system and is represented by the formula SiO2.nH2O. Opal is believed to bring good luck, a sense of joy and inner peace to its wearer.

Opal is one of the most magical gemstones used since ancient times to heal and aid in eye related disorders, making it one of the most sought after and desired for since ages.

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Opal is one of the premium and high end gemstones famous among celebrities as well as the stars of everyday life equally. In India its price ranges from $10 (INR 700) per carat to $75 (INR 5000) per carat depending upon its shape, color and size. We at OHM Gemstone deliver the best quality of Opal bringing you the best from all across the globe, carefully handcrafted and designed for our customers to the highest of its caliber suiting all suitors and ensure high quality while delivering the same.


Opal is associated with the divine and the one of the most beneficial planets “Venus” making it highly famous and popular especially among the artists and celebrities. Opal is known to impart its wearer all the benefits of luxury and promote harmonious relationships. Opal also has a “spiritual inclination” for it is known to take its wearer towards spiritual liberation and “higher universal awareness”. Opal is known to impart its owner prosperity, gaining good reputation and those dealing in business, tours and travel. It is also known to aid in the department of debts, calming the mind and bringing overall peace and helps in making peace with the past and should be endowed with utmost passion, care and devotion. Opal is known to strengthen the immune system of its owner providing a protection field to its owner.

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