Emerald also known as “Panna” is one of the most powerful gemstones to ever exist on earth. It is believed to be worn by the great Cleopatra who was one of the most majestic queens of all time.

Emerald is known for its breathtaking extraordinary beautiful and extravagant green color hue reflecting that of the oceans and the green healing aura of Mother Nature. Emerald is ruled by the “Prince of all Planets” known as “Mercury” and it rules the “heart chakra” that opens up the door to divine love and receiving love in its purest form.

It removes any blockages, addictions and obsession related to the heart chakra and opens up the doors to true “divine love’. It also opens up the door to acquiring great “communication skills and smart wit”. The beautiful green color of emerald comes from the traces of chromium and sometimes vanadium. It belongs to the “hexagonal” class of Crystal System. Its chemical formula is Be3Al2(SiO3)6.

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Emerald are known for their powerful hue of sea bluish-green and dark green reflection of the green spectrum of light giving very healing and protecting vibrations to its wearer. This great brilliance and shine comes from the brilliant cut and craftsmanship along with its refractive index. Due to its high demand the price remains between $12.30 (INR800) ranging as high as $3076 (INR 2 lakhs) per carat, which highly varies depending upon its state of origin, color clarity and size of the emerald along with its place of origin.


Emerald gemstone is known for imparting great benefits to its wearer ranging from increase in creativity, and help in manifesting great creativity and talented skills. It gives their wearer the ability to manifest these skills to their full execution. It gives them the great quality delivering great speech and linguistic skills. Emerald is known to help them in relieving difficulties in various skin related ailments, allergies, nervous disorders as well as various respiratory related problems. Emerald helps in developing great intelligence, perspective and a good grasp on intellectual growth and skills. It imparts its owner the ability to understand the true meaning of “divine love” opening up the heart chakra and removing all sorts of false impressions of obsession, and removal of any blockages and fears when it comes to the matter of the heart. Emerald aids in having a clear and impactful style of communication aiding in good public speaking skills and boosting confidence when it comes to developing great communication skills.

Emerald helps in providing a great shield against any negative thoughts and feelings. Emerald is also known to help in healing the events of the past and trauma due to its great healing green aura.

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