Amethyst Gemstone (जामुनिया)

Beautiful and sparkling amethyst is an amazing and beneficial category of quartz family in the rich royal purple colour. It reflects back this violet healing and crown chakra color of violet spectrum of light.

Amethyst Stone PriceThe term “amethyst” comes from the ancient Koine Greek “amethystos” which means to “intoxicate”. It is believed to protect its wearer from all kinds of toxic and negative energy. The formula of amethyst is SiO2 or silicon dioxide in simple terms and belongs to the “Trapezohedral” family of crystal glass naturally.

Amethyst Benefits: Amethyst has been used since ancient times for healing and is the traditional gemstone for people born in February. It’s very famous among the royals and is used to be worn for its brilliant purple hue and sparkles due to is high shining brilliance and transparency.

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The best thing about Amethyst is that it works as a semi-precious stone, this fact makes it one of the most affordable and desirable stones for everybody. It is as popular among the royals as it is with the general masses. The price range varies and one can initiate to invest in this beautiful gemstone right from the price of $7 (INR 500) per Carat and the quality heightens up and increases up to the peak of excellence when it comes to quality in quantity right up to $21 (INR 1500) . The price varies and changes depending on the caliber and beautiful craftsmanship as well as the rich source of its extraction. It comes in various beautiful colors of violet and blue hue depending on its high quality clarity, brilliant cut and mesmerizing shape.


Amethyst is often the very first gemstone that an individual gets attracted towards once and for all. The reason of course is its high healing rich violet aura of healing and divine love coming right from the lap of the divine forces mesmerizing everybody radiating its high healing ability. It is a brilliant source of wisdom and gives protection against any negativity energy. It has a magnificent quality of blocking any negative energies and restoring back the natural energy fields to their healthy and abundant stage. It relives past wounds and traumas bringing back peace and serenity. It relieves and eases away any tension and stress while promoting an abundant and peaceful mind, body and soul. Amethyst works by detoxifying an individual on every aspect of their being i.e. mind, body and soul. Amethyst stone is used and is famous for being an excellent source since ages to heal and get out of addictions of any sorts and power working against it. Amethyst is popular for bringing inner power, balance and strength, vanishing anxiety. It gives great will power, wisdom, intuition power, creativity and solemnity with confidence to its beloved wearer and owner.

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